Selling Shares in Your Maiden Name

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Selling Shares in Your Maiden Name

We are able to sell shares held in a maiden or previous name. The process is much the same is if you are selling shares in any other situation, just initiate your share sale using our online share sale form.  As part of this process you will be promoted to nominate who owns the shares, here is a screenshot.

shares held by screenshot

When you indicate to us that your shares are held in a maiden or previous name, we will tailor the instructions you receive accordingly.  Specifically, you will be required to provide a certified copy of the relevant legal document showing the change of your name.  This could be:

  • Marriage certificate; or
  • Change of name certificate; or
  • Divorce certificates.

Provide the documentation that is relevant to your situation.  This will enable us to ‘make the link’ between your current name and your previous name.

You can start your share sale using our online form here or contact us if you would like further information.