Can I Sell My Shares and Get Paid the Same Day?

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Can I Sell My Shares and Get Paid the Same Day?

When it comes to selling shares, timing and simplicity are key. Many Australians wonder, “Can I sell my shares and get paid the same day?” With Sell My Shares, the answer is a confident yes. We offer a streamlined, same-day settlement process that stands out in the Australian market. Let’s delve into how this works and what sets us apart.

1. Understanding the Traditional Method

Traditionally, selling shares in Australia involves using a broker or broking service. You don’t need an existing relationship with a broker to sell your directly held shares. Services like Sell My Shares manage the entire process for you, placing trades online on your behalf. This method is typically more cost-effective than engaging a full-service stockbroker, as you’re charged a brokerage fee consisting of a minimum amount or a percentage of the share value.

2. The Sell My Shares Process

Our process is designed for speed and simplicity. Before you start, ensure you have a holding statement or dividend statement for the shares you wish to sell. These documents, usually provided by the share registry, contain important information and holding numbers necessary for the transaction.

Selling your shares with us involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Complete an Online Form: Fill out our simple online form, a process that takes just a few minutes. You must ensure you submit the form before 12pm Sydney time
  2. Provide Proof of Identity: Verify your identity through our secure online system.
  3. Immediate Trade Execution: Once we have your form and identity verification, we promptly execute the trade.
  4. Same-Day Settlement and Payment: The standout feature of our service is the same-day settlement. After the trade, we don’t delay. The proceeds from your share sale are deposited into your bank account on the same day, providing you with swift access to your funds.

This process ensures that you can sell your shares and receive payment quickly, without the need for mailing documents or enduring long waiting periods.

Elderly couple completing a same day share sale

3. Special Situations

We can navigate special share situations like jointly held shares, deceased estates, maiden name holdings, private companies, and trusts. While these scenarios might require additional documentation, we ensure the process remains simple for you. Same day share sales are not available for companies, trusts or deceased estates. It is only available for individuals or joint holdings. 

4. Selling Company Shares Without Fuss

At Sell My Shares, we can help you sell any ASX-listed share without the need to open a share trading account. This is ideal if you’re only interested in selling specific shares with minimal fuss. Unsure of your shares’ value? Our value shares calculator can assist you.

5. Fastest in Australia: Same-Day Settlement

We are proud to offer the fastest share-selling service in Australia, with same-day settlement. While most brokers can take weeks, we ensure that you get your money on the same day you sell your shares. You must submit the share sale form before 12pm Sydney time and an appropriate bank statement must be sent before 3pm Sydney time. However, it’s important to note that in some cases, more time may be required depending on the complexity of the transaction.

Selling shares and receiving payment on the same day is not just a possibility but a reality with Sell My Shares. Our commitment to efficiency, coupled with our ability to handle various situations, makes us a standout choice in the Australian market. For a fast, simple, and reliable share selling experience, choose Sell My Shares. Go to our form here or contact us directly to start the process.