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Selling Shares Held by Joint Persons

Joint shareholdings refer to shares owned jointly by more than one person. This type of shareholding is very common with marital spouses, romantic partners and family members. Selling joint shareholdings is just as easy as selling shares held by an individual. The only difference between selling individually owned shares and jointly owned shares is that each joint shareholder will need to complete the identity verification process and authorise the sale of shares.

How to Sell Shares Held by Joint Persons

To sell jointly held shares, all you need to do is:

1. Complete the online share sale form

2. Have each joint shareholder complete the online ID check

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Step 1: Complete the Online Share Sale Form

This form takes around five minutes to complete and simply collects basic information about yourself and the shareholding. The key thing you’ll need here is your Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) which should begin with the letter “I”. 

Step 2: Complete the Online ID Checks

The online ID check is automatically sent to each joint shareholder’s email address after the share sale form is completed. Here, each shareholder is guided through a short online process where they will:

1. Accept the terms and conditions

2. Call our automated phone line to leave a quick voice message

3. Provide 100 points of ID via FrankieOne’s electronic verification platform

How Long Does it Take to Sell a Joint Shareholding?

As the leading one off share specialist in Australia, you won’t find a mob who can sell your shares faster! For Express share sales, we will sell your shares on the same day you complete the online share sale form (provided each joint shareholder completes their online ID check before 3pm AEST). If the Value service is selected, we will process your share sale within 1-2 business days.

Funds from your share sale are transferred to your bank account 3 business days after the shares are sold. For example, if you sold your shares on Monday, you would receive your money on Thursday. Please note that for joint shareholdings, we are only permitted to transfer funds to a joint bank account held by the joint shareholders.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell Shares Held by Joint Persons?

We have 3 service levels for our share sale service, starting at Australia’s lowest one off share sale rate of just $50 or 0.5%. The most popular service is our Value service which is $110 or 1%. If you need your shares sold urgently, you can use our same day Express service for $150 or 1.5%. The brokerage fee is taken from your share sale proceeds before we transfer them to you, so there are no up-front costs and no other hidden fees or charges.