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How to Sell Employee Shares

It’s not uncommon for Australians to hold shares that have been issued by or purchased from an employer as part of an employee share scheme. So at some point in time, you may want to know how to sell employee shares.

The process for selling employee shares depends on how you acquired the shares, and the nature of the company and its specific employee share scheme.

Some employee share schemes have restrictions on when you can sell employee shares. There may be an annual window you can sell them or a minimum amount of time you need to hold them for. There may also be a requirement to sell them when you leave the company at the current market price. It’s important to check the specific conditions for the employee shares you hold.

If you are eligible to sell your employee shares and they are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), the good news is that it can be relatively simple to sell employee shares.

You don’t need to open a trading account or engage the services of an expensive full-service stockbroking firm, you can use an online broking service like Sell My Shares to sell employee shares on the share market.

We will execute the trade on your behalf for a brokerage fee made up of a minimum amount and a small portion of the value of the employee shares sold.

Sell Employee Shares
Selling Employee Shres

Selling Employee Shares

Our online process to sell employee shares is straightforward starting with a simple online form.

You will be asked to provide some key details relating to your employee shares. This information should be readily available on your holding statement or dividend statement. You will also need to verify your identity.

Typically the entire process is managed online with needing to provide any hard copy or additional documentation (except in some specific circumstances).

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