How Do I Sell My Shares Without A Broker?

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How Do I Sell My Shares Without A Broker?

Do I need a Broker?

“How do I sell my shares if I don’t have a broker?” You are not the first person to find themselves in this situation. Many Australians end up wondering how to sell their shares without a stockbroker or financial advisor – particularly when they weren’t the ones who purchased the shares in the first place.

Our clients often end up owning shares from having inherited them, receiving them as a gift or acquiring them from a current or former employer. Not everyone with shares went out and bought them – life sees most of us end up with a parcel of shares, or two!

So, if you have shares, but no broker – what do you do when you want to sell them?

What does the ASX require?

The ASX requires the use of an authorised market participant who can maintain and undertake all the rules and regulations of interacting directly with the market and its buyers and sellers. Because of this, to sell your shares you need a licensed professional to facilitate your sale.

This may feel like a daunting and expensive prospect; having to find and engage a stockbroker… having to meet with them in the city and sign a contract that talks about a bunch of products and services you are not interested in. We believe many people end up holding onto their shares because going through this process is too daunting and time consuming.

But don’t worry… you’re in luck, because you are reading this on and you’ve come to the best place to sell your shares without any of that nonsense or inefficiency. It is our mission to get you the fastest and easiest means of selling your shares, without feeling like you are sitting an exam or being forced to pay more for a left-handed flashlight.

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So, what do I do?

You click here and you get the process started immediately.

Our online process lets you sell your shares from the comfort of your own home… and it is simply what is says it is… it’s just a means of you being able to sell your shares quickly, fairly and easily.

Is online not your thing? Not a problem!

Call our staff on 1300 722 852 to talk with someone who knows exactly what you are trying to do… sell your shares!

If you prefer to call 1300 722 852 or complete your sale online here, either way you will be dealing with a trusted and simplified organisation dedicated to making your share sale as simple and stress free as possible.