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To sell your shares, you must know your Security Reference Number.  This is the number that identifies your parcel of shares and can be found on a dividend or holding statement.  The number is about 10 digits long at starts with the letter “i”.  Yes that is an “i” and NOT the number 1.

To learn more about SRN’s, read our information articles (opens in new window):


To find out more about how to electronically search for your shares using an SRN search, read on.

Here’s a few reasons that account for people not knowing their SRN:

  • Dividend statements withhold the SRN and only show the last four digits, like this –  I*******2839
  • Holding statements and dividends statements go to a prior address.
  • Shares are inherited or part of a deceased estate.
  • Documents destroyed in fire or flood etc.

Please be aware that an SRN search is only successful if your provide an exact match for the shareholder name and address.  There are no refunds for a failed SRN search.

We are ale to search for your SRN electronically, but you must identify yourself to comply with Australian Anti Money Laundering regulations before we will provide you with the SRN.

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We are able to assist you in obtaining your SRN(s) by conducting an electronic search.  This usually results in us obtaining your SRN within 1 business day.  The fee for this service is $55 per search if you know the exact registration address, or $95 if you don’t. If you select the $95 service, the team will help you determine the exact registration address your shares are under, and help you track down your SRN.

The process for us to find your SRN is as follows:

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