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One-Off Share Sale Statistics

At Sell My Shares we specialise in selling shares for people how have no interest in opening a full share trading account. Our service tends to attract shareholders who are ‘accidental’ or ‘one-off’ shareholders.

We thought it might be interesting to stop and look at the data generated by the share sales that we have processed. The sample we analysed is for a period of about the last four months; why four months? We just happened to have the data handy.

The most popular share we sell is IAG (once NRMA), accounting for 22% of share sales. Perhaps this is no surprise given the enormous number of ‘accidental’ shareholders on this share registry.

This is followed by Telstra at 14%, AMP at 11% and Woolworths at 8%. The large number of Woollies shareholders seems to be largely driven by the tendency for the company to hand out shares to employees.

From there it drops off to 3% and below, with MPL, NHF, WES, WBC, NAB, AZJ, ANZ all coming in between 2% and 3%.

During this time we sold shares in 133 different companies. Mainly the big names of course, but some random little tiddlers as well – usually stock from IPO’s.

Medibank Private accounted for 3% of sales, but clearly this is the new kid on the block having only been ASX listed for part of the period.

The average IAG holding we sold was 895 shares, which represents about $5,500 worth of shares in that period with IAG hanging around $6.20.

CBA was the biggest average sale, coming in at over $16,000. Perhaps this is a function of the long length of time from the IPO, and the substantial price increase in that time.

Anyway, that’s the latest in the land of one-off share sales!