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Sell Your Shares Manually - DIY Service

If you would prefer to submit your sale online, use our Value Sale Service (it’s much quicker and easier) or follow these instructions to complete a DIY Service level share sale.

Step 1: Please download and read:

Financial Services Guide

Sell Only Terms and Conditions

Step 2: Complete your ID check Online:

Online ID Check (click on the link to complete your ID check).

Have your driver’s license or passport handy for this step.

Step 3: Mail the completed Sell Only form:

DIY Share Sale Form (click on the link to download and print)

Post to:

Sell My Shares
Suite 2 / Level 4, 66 Kings Park Road
West Perth, WA 6005

Our fee is $50 for share sales up to $10,000 in value and 0.50% for sales over $10,000 (ex. GST). This fee is deducted from sale proceeds and the balance of the funds will be sent via direct deposit.

Selling Shares Manually
More Instructions for DIY Share Sales


Only Applicable if Selling Shares from your Maiden Name, Deceased Estate, Company, POA, Trust or Super

Click on the link below for further instructions if one of these special situations applies to your share sale:

Maiden Name – click here

Deceased Estate – click here

Company – click here

Power of Attorney – click here

Super or Family Trust – click here

Once we have received the completed share sale form and certified ID, we will process your sale and sell the shares at the prevailing market price. On the day of the sale you will receive a contract note which will detail the time, date and amount the shares where sold for. Our brokerage will be taken from the sale proceeds, and the balance of the funds will be sent via direct deposit.