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How to Sell Telstra Shares

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What should I know about my Telstra Shares?

Telstra Ltd (ASX: TLS) is Australia’s largest telecommunications provider and from its roots is over 100 years old and is an Australian icon.  Given Telstra’s importance, many Australians have shares in their Superfunds, from an inheritance, via a gift when they were young or from when they privatised.

Telstra is historically a great performer amongst its ASX peers.

Because of its prevalence, many of our clients ask how to sell their Telstra shares and we do our best to facilitate a quick and easy process that you can complete with no stress today.

See below for some helpful information.

Sell Telstra Shares

Some helpful information about Telstra shares that you may want to know

If you acquired Telstra shares as part of its privatisation, your cost base may be one of the following:

  • T1 in 1997 for $3.30 per share
  • T2 in 1999 for $7.40 per share
  • T3 in 2006 for $3.60 per share

These cost bases assume you did not reinvest your dividends. Many things could be different in your circumstances, but hopefully the above is still helpful.

If you reinvested your dividends, your cost base will be different.

How Do I Sell My Telstra Shares

There are two ways to sell your Telstra shares.

The first: is to open an account with a stockbroker who can buy and sell any shares on the ASX for you. This can be a long process and may not necessarily be practical or cost-effective for you (particularly if you only want to make one sale).

The second: is to simply use Sell My Shares. Sell My Shares is a business that specialises in one-off share sales. By registering with Sell My Shares, you can sell your Telstra shares (or any other ASX listed shares) using our easy online process. It’s simple, affordable and takes out all of the hassles of selling your shares. 

What do I need?

Before you can sell your Telstra shares, you need your Security Reference Number (SRN). This is a 10-digit reference number will start with the letter ‘I’. This can be found on any holding statement or dividend statement you have received.

More on SRNs here.  If you need to conduct a search for your SRN, we may be able to help you with our electronic SRN search service.

With your SRN, just click on the ‘Sell Shares Now’ button on the Sell My Shares Home Page. You will then need to complete a simple online form and basic identity check (to confirm you’re authorised to make the sale). If you’d prefer to talk to someone directly, you can also call our office and complete these steps over the phone. We’ll then finalise your sale, ensuring you receive the best possible service.

When Will I Receive the Proceeds?

The funds from your Telstra share sale will be received on the evening three business days following the day your shares are sold.

Why is it not instant?

The ASX and CHESS take a small amount of time to ensure that the sale has been finalised and the shares correctly transferred before funds are released to us.

Can I receive my money faster?

You can expedite the time it takes to sell your shares by using our urgent share sale service. We offer three service levels (D.I.Y., Value and Express) which have been designed to cater for different needs. The fastest service we offer (Express) allows you to sell your shares within just a few hours.

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