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Sell NIB Shares

NIB is one of the most commonly sold shares through Sell My Shares, driven by the large number of small shareholders in NIB.

How most people received their NIB shareholding

In 2007, NIB members voted in favour of demutualisation and listing the company onto the Australian Securities Exchange (NHF:asx).  The demutualisation was completed in November of 2007 and tens of thousands of Australians received shares in the health insurer.

Demutualisation is the process by which a “mutual” organisation like AMP changes to become a shareholder-owned company. Demutualisation separates the interests of Members as owners from their contractual interests as Policyholders.

Sell NIB Shares

How do I sell NIB shares?

It is very easy to sell NIB shares – just use our online submission process and we can process your sale without opening a share trading account.

Be sure to have your SRN (holding number) handy.  This is found on your NIB Holding Statement or Dividend Statement – it is the number that starts with an ‘I’.

You can find more information on Holding Statements here.  If you don’t have any documents that show your SRN, we may be able to conduct an electronic SRN search.

What fees are payable to sell NIB shares?

We offer three brokerage rates which cater for different requirements.  Visit our pricing page to learn about the fees and charges that are applicable.  Brokerage fees are always deducted from the share sale proceeds, so you will not be required to pay anything upfront.

How do I get the NIB sale proceeds?

Once we sell your NIB shares into the market (at the current market price – more here), we will send you a contract note which will detail:

  1. How many NIB shares you sold;
  2. The price the shares were sold at;
  3. Brokerage fee; and
  4. The net $ proceeds payable to you.

This money will be deposited into your nominated bank account.

How long does it take to sell NIB shares and get my money?

Using our Express Share Sale Service, your sale can often be processed the same day (if you get your submission in by mid-morning).  The money will be in your account on the evening of the third day following the day the shares are sold.  You can read more on the timing of share sales here.

Be sure to contact our friendly staff if you have any questions regarding your shareholding or the settlement process.  Click here to sell NIB shares.