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A global financial services corporation, National Australia Bank Limited (more commonly referred to as NAB) was formed in 1982. Due to its strong market capitalisation, loyal customers and annual profits, NAB has grown to the point that it is now ranked as one of the “Big Four” banks in Australia, collectively considered to be amongst the most reliable banks in the world. All of these qualities have combined to make NAB shares a popular choice for investors. While NAB share prices dipped sharply in May 2019, they have since recovered, making this an excellent time for selling NAB shares.

How Can I Sell My NAB Shares?

Sell My Shares makes selling NAB shares simple and secure. The entire process can be completed online by following our easy, step-by-step instructions, with the money from the sale then deposited straight into your bank account. With our straightforward approach and fast turnaround time, you can finalise the sale of your NAB shares in just 15 minutes and then receive the funds only three business days later.

To get started with selling NAB shares today, all you need to do is click on the “Sell Shares Now” button which is prominently featured on the homepage of our website. This will take you to an online form which can be completed in as little as 5 minutes. Once you’ve submitted your online form, we’ll send you an email with a “Finish Share Sale” button. This link will take you through the final steps for selling your NAB shares. You’ll be prompted to accept the standard terms and conditions and then complete a simple and effective 2-part identity verification process, consisting of an online ID confirmation and a short voicemail message. This secure process enables us to finalise the sale on your behalf: fast, simple and safe.