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Sell Medibank Private Shares

Did you participate in the government sell down of Medibank Private and now you want to sell your shares?  Perhaps, you would like to do this without opening a full stockbroking account?

The process could not be simpler with Sell My Shares.

  1. Locate your Security Reference Number (SRN).  Find out more about SRN’s here.  You will need the SRN for each parcel of shares you want to sell, the number will be unique for each parcel of shares; say if you bought some in your own name and your spouses name.
  2. Complete the online share sale form, or of course if you would prefer, phone us at 1300 722 852.
  3. We will confirm your shareholding with the share registry and email you a pre-completed form with instructions to confirm your identity, which we are legally required to do.  Uniquely, we offer a service for you to confirm your identity online!  This is usually all done within a few hours of submitting your share sale.
  4. You are required to sign the form in one place and return it to us via scan and email, or take a photo of the form with your smartphone and email it to us.  We can do it via post as well if you prefer.
  5. We will then sell your shares at the best market price.  See more on the price you will get for your shares.
  6. The proceeds of your share sale are sent to your bank account. The ASX works to T+3 settlement, see our post on this topic – when will I get my money! 

That’s it!  Your Medibank private Shares are turned into cash.

We have streamlined the share sale process as much as we can to make it as painless for you as possible.  Don’t worry about remembering any of this information, we will email you instructions once you initiate the share sale.

And remember; we are real people! Call the Sell My Shares Team to learn more about how to sell shares on 1300 722 852 (business hours).