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We regularly receive inquiries from Australians wanting to sell their Bank of Queensland shares, so we have fine-tuned the process to make the sale as quick and painless as possible.  You can either fill in our online share sale service in only a couple of minutes or phone us a call on 1300 722 852 and we can take your details over the phone.

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How many shareholders received their BOQ shareholding

In August 2007, BOQ announced a proposal to merge with Home Building Society Limited (HOME) and in doing so acquired all the issued shares and options in HOME.

Subsequently, on November 30 2007, 94% of HOME shareholders voted in favour of the merger resulting in a $592 million deal between BOQ and HOME.  Each HOME shareholder received 0.84 BOQ shares for every 1 HOME share plus $2.80 cash, resulting in a 20% ownership of BOQ  by HOME shareholders.

If you have some BOQ shares but do not remember directly purchasing them, and you where a customer of HOME, this is probably how you came to own the shares.

Are you wondering what you paid for your BOQ shares?

If your shareholding came about through the HOME transaction, you should be able to establish your cost base using information on the Bank of Queensland website and/or by referring to the ATO Class Ruling relevant to this situation. If you have acquired BOQ shares since 2007 through other means, for instance a broker, an inheritance, or another corporate action (such as an entitlement offer), you should have a look on your share certificate or holding statement for details of your ownership.  If you are unsure how to acquire this information, give us a call and let us help you find the share registry associated with BOQ.

How do I sell BOQ shares?

Simple.  Take a few minutes to complete our online express share sale form and we can process your sale without opening a share trading account.

Be sure to have your SRN handy.  This can be found on your BOQ Share Certificate, Holding Statement or Dividend Statement – it starts with an ‘I’ (yes the letter, not a number 1).  You can find more information on Holding Statements here.  If you don’t have any documents that show your SRN, we may be able to conduct an electronic SRN search for you.

Once we sell your BOQ shares (at the best available market price), we will send you a contract note, which will detail:

  • How many BOQ shares you sold;
  • The price the shares were sold at;
  • Brokerage fee; and
  • The net $ proceeds payable to you.

How do I get the BOQ sale proceeds?

This money will be deposited into your nominated bank account. You will provide your banking details as part of the online share sale process.

How long does it take to sell BOQ shares and get my money?

Using our Express Share Sale Service, your sale can often be processed the same day (if you get your submission in by mid-morning). 

The money will normally land in your bank account on evening of the the 3rd business day following the day your shares are sold.