Selling Deceased Estate Shares

Our deceased estates service is designed to suit the needs of estate executors and their advisers (lawyers and accountants) who are required to dispose of share portfolios for a deceased estate.

$200 million+ in shares sold

20,000+ share sale customers

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Process to Sell Shares from a Deceased Estate

The process is almost identical as with any other share sale, with the exception that we require a certified copy of either probate OR the valid will + death certificate, which can be provided by scan/email.  The share sale process is achieved entirely online, including identity verification.

Start your share sale by completing the online form here, or by phoning us on 1300 722 852 (10am – 6pm Sydney Time).  As part of the share sale process, you will be prompted to indicate if the share sale you are conducting relates to a deceased estate.  Once you indicate that it is, the questions and instructions are automatically tailored.

We are able to handle complex deceased estate share sales.  Please feel free to contact us if you have a matter that has been rejected as “too hard” by other stockbrokers.  We pride ourselves in being able to help nearly every single client who comes to us.  There is always a solution, even in the most complex of scenarios.

Fees for Deceased Estate Share Sales

Our normal brokerage fees apply, plus a premium of $50 or 0.5%.  The increased fee is to cover the additional complexity that accompany share sales from deceased estates.

We have three service levels for our share sale service, starting at Australia’s lowest one off share sale rate of just $44 or 0.22%.  After accounting for the premium that is applied to deceased estates, we are still extremely price competitive.

Selling Shares is our Core Business

Sell My Shares is quite unique.

We took an unloved segment of the stockbroking industry and literally made it our business to service it with the same level of enthusiasm as other more ‘profitable’ stockbroking markets.

Traditionally, one off share sales have been dreaded by stockbrokers; you can see why, it’s the same amount of red tape for one lot of fees – clearly brokers prefer clients that trade day in day out!  We don’t.  We don’t even take on regular traders.

Using a mix of technology, innovation and economies of scale, we have been able to bring first class service to an overlooked market segment.

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Some Other FAQs for Deceased Estate Share Sales

  • Do all executors have to agree to the share sale?
  • I am a lawyer for a deceased estate, can I manage the share sale?
  • Can the shares be sold in the name of the deceased estate or do they need to be transferred first?
  • How long does it take?
  • Do I need probate to sell shares from a deceased estate?
  • There is no will, can I sell the shares?

What makes us the share sale market leaders?

  • Experienced in Deceased Estate Issues

    we sell shares for deceased estates every day the market trades.

  • No mailed form guarantee

    you submit your share sale using our online share sale form.  At worst you will need to email documents (probate or will).

  • One off share sale specialists

    not an ancillary ‘afterthought’ service.  Selling shares is what we do, and we do it best.

  • FAST share sale process

    we have streamlined the process to make it as simple and fast as is possible for you to sell your shares with online submission.

  • Shares are sold by a person and not a machine

    means we get the best price when selling your shares, a detail which is often overlooked.

  • We use the worlds largest equities clearing partner

    provides you with piece of mind that you are dealing with a market leading organisation.