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Most often shares are bought and sold via the Australian Stock Exchange. There are instances however when a shareholder may wish to transfer shares to another person, company or trust without an ASX transaction. Doing so avoids the cost of brokerage, although there may be a processing fee in some situations.

OMT’s are often used to transfer shares between family members, deceased estates, inherited shares or between family trusts and companies.

This page aims to provide you with information on how to successfully complete an Off Market Transfer (OMT). You can start by downloading a standard Off Market Transfer Form (as a PDF document) using the link provided (below), and following the instructions which are also included in the PDF.

When completing an OMT, you must be sure to follow the instructions precisely.  Depending on the circumstances, an off market transfer will be processed by either a stockbroking firm or a share registry.

To make it easier to complete an OMT we offer a free online form that collects your details and instantly emails you a completed form with instructions on how to process the transfer.  Just use the online form below. 

If you use our online form you will be offered an optional paid service which comes with additional support, mailed forms and includes all processing fees.  This paid service is entirely elective and many people use free service to make it simpler to complete the form and have the convenience of clear instructions for self processing.

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