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  • Sell Shares Online

    Using a mix of technology, innovation and economies of scale, we have been able to make selling shares dead simple – enjoyable even!

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  • Value Your Shares

    Use this free online calculator to obtain an approximate value of your shareholding based on recent market pricing (prior day closing price).

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  • Sell Deceased Estate Shares

    If you are an executor or advisor to a deceased estate you may be required to sell shares held in the name of the estate. Use our 100% online process.

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  • Find Lost Shares

    We are able to assist you in obtaining your SRN(s) by conducting an electronic search in as little as a few hours.

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  • Professional Adviser Referrals

    We manage a large number of sales for clients refereed to us by advisers such as lawyers, accountants, financial planners and stock brokers.

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  • Sell CHESS Sponsored Shares

    If your shares are sponsored by a stockbroker they are said to be CHESS sponsored and you will have a HIN number not a SRN (starts with an X).

    Sell CHESS Sponsored Shares

  • Off Market Transfers

    Use our free online tool to complete off market transfer forms. Handy for transferring shares between entities or family members.

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  • Fees and Charges

    Our rates are very competitive for once off share sales and we provide the simplest share sale process available in Australia today.

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