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If you would like to sell inherited shares, our service is perfect.  By not opening an ongoing share trading account, you can avoid the hassle of having to keep track of the account, avoid fees and charges, which can sometimes apply.

To sell inherited shares, locate the Security Reference Number (SRN) for your shareholding(s).  If you don’t know the SRN, contact us and we can track the shares down for you.  You can also learn more about locating your SRN on our share sale Blog.

Sell shares quickly and simply without opening a share trading account

Want to know how to sell shares? Australia’s only online one off share sale submission allows you to sell your shares FASTER

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What makes Australia’s No1 choice for selling inherited shares?

  • No printed form guarantee!

    you submit your share sale online and we complete the form for you to sign and return to us electronically!

  • One-off share sale specialists

    not an ancillary ‘afterthought’ service.  Selling shares is what we do, and we do it best.

  • FAST share sale process

    we have streamlined the process to make it as simple and fast as is possible for you to sell your shares with online submission.

  • Direct line to a licensed stock broker

    no annoying answering machines, you will deal with a single person who will guide you through the share sale process.

  • Shares are sold by a person and not a machine

    means we get the best price when selling your shares, a detail which is often overlooked.

  • We use the worlds largest equities clearing partner

    provides you with piece of mind that you are dealing with a market leading organisation.