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Selling Shares from Family Trust or SMSF

If you are selling shares from your SMSF of Family trust, we require some additional documents.

Certified Pages of Trust Deed

Please email (or mail) through a scanned certified copy of at least the following three pages from the trust deed:

  1. The cover page
  2. The trust schedule
  3. The signed execution page.


To get a copy of your documents certified, follow these instructions, which are summarised below:

  1. Find a person who can certify documents, such as a post office employee, pharmacist, dentist, physiotherapist, nurse, police officer, or lawyer.
  2. Ask them to certify a copy of the document.  They can do this by copying the document and writing the following text “I certify that this is a true and correct copy of the original document sighted on ___/___/ 201X”. They must record their name, address and registration number (if applicable, say for a Justice of the Peace)
  3. Scan or take a legible photo of your certified copy, and email it to us at shares@sellmyshares.com.au


Please feel free to contact us during business hours at 1300 722 852 if you need any assistance.