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Selling Shares from a Deceased Estate

If you are the Executor of an estate, you may need to sell or transfer shares; we can help with either.  Selling shares and transferring shares for deceased estates makes up a significant portion of our business.

We understand that many estate executors are not familiar with the process to sell or transfer shares and you are not expected to know anything when you contact us; that’s our job!

A simple estate sale is just that – simple.  We are also renowned for being able to get to the bottom of complex matters to assist executors and their advisers (lawyers and accountants etc) to complete the task of selling or transmitting shares, no matter how complicated the scenario.

Process to Sell Shares From Deceased Estate

You can lodge a deceased estate share sale through our website, or you can phone us on and get started over the phone.   Complex matters should phone us in advance and you will be assigned a single person of contact.

As part of the online share sale form you can elect to nominate the share sale as being a deceased estate sale, and you will be provided with the relevant instructions.  Here is a screenshot for the relevant step in the share sale process where you can elect to indicate that your share sale is from a deceased estate.

The process of selling shares from a deceased estate is essentially the same as any other share sale with the exception that we require a certified copy of the Probate.  If the shares are worth less than $25,000 and you are not obtaining Probate, we require a certified copy of the Will + Death Certificate.

It is also important that each executor signs the Share Sale form AND has completed an identity check.

To start your deceased state share sale, simply use our online form.

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