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Selling Shares from a Deceased Estate

Selling Shares from a Deceased Estate


If you are the Executor of a deceased estate, you may need to sell or transfer shares; we can help with either.  Selling shares and transferring shares for deceased estates makes up a significant portion of our business.


We understand that many estate executors are not familiar with the process to sell or transfer shares and you are not expected to know anything when you contact us; that’s our job!


A simple estate sale is just that – simple.  We are also renowned for being able to get to the bottom of complex matters to assist executors and their advisers (lawyers and accountants etc) to complete the task of selling or transmitting shares, no matter how complicated the scenario.


How to Sell Deceased Estate Shares


Step 1: Complete the Online Share Sale Form

The online share sale form takes five minutes to complete and can be accessed by clicking the orange “Sell Shares Now” button located at the top right of our homepage. The key number you will need here, is the Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) for your shares. To ensure you receive the correct instructions, be sure to select “Deceased Estate” when the form asks what type of shareholder owns these shares.


Deceased Estate Share Sale


Step 2: Complete the Online ID Check

Once the online share sale form has been submitted, the executor/s of the estate will receive an email with a link to complete a short, online ID check. This is basically another short, online form which requires the executor/s to accept the terms and conditions and then verify their identity online. Be sure to have your drivers licence or passport handy at this step.


Online ID Check


Step 3: Email Us a Certified Copy of the Probate OR Certified Copies of the Will + Death Certificate


To complete the deceased estate share sale, you will need to email us a certified copy of the probate OR certified copies of the will + death certificate. These documents can be emailed to shares@sellmyshares.com.au.


To get a copy of your documents certified:

  1. Find a person who can certify documents, such as a post office employee, pharmacist, dentist, physiotherapist, nurse, police officer, or lawyer.
  2. Ask them to certify a copy of the document.  They can do this by copying the document and writing the following text “I certify that this is a true and correct copy of the original document sighted on ___/___/ 201X”. They must record their name, address and registration number (if applicable, say for a Justice of the Peace).


Once the above steps are complete, we will review everything and then sell the shares for you!


Please feel free to call us at 1300 722 852 if you require any assistance at any stage of the process.


Ready to get started? Click here to complete the online share sale form.


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