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Selling Shares from a Company Name

If you are selling shares from a personal company, we require a certified copy of the ASIC annual company statement for the trustee company (unless you elect to have us conduct an electronic search for $25 – see below).   You receive a Company Statement (sometimes called Annual Statement) every year from ASIC – it shows the particulars for the company.  You can also login to the ASIC website with a corporate key and obtain, or ask your accountant.

To get a copy of your documents certified:

  1. Find a person who can certify documents, such as a post office employee, pharmacist, dentist, physiotherapist, nurse, police officer, or lawyer.
  2. Ask them to certify a copy of the document.  They can do this by copying the document and writing the following text “I certify that this is a true and correct copy of the original document sighted on ___/___/ 201X”. They must record their name, address and registration number (if applicable, say for a Justice of the Peace)

Email or take a legible photo of your certified copy, and email it through to us.

Faster Alternative – Electronic Company Search

If you don’t have your company statement on hand, or it is a hassle to get a copy certified, you can use our electronic company search tool.

A fee of $25 applies, payable by credit card online.  The process is very simple, you provide your details and your payment information and we will conduct a company search for you which means you can entirely ignore the requirement to provide a certified copy of your company statement.